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Best Professional Disinfection And Sanitization Services In Mumbai

Coronavirus is a global pandemic and whilst as a nation we’re doing all we can at home and at work, to avoid the spread of infection, it is proving challenging if not impossible to create a sanitized environment. Regular hand washing and safe distancing is crucial but not enough.

If you’re concerned that someone either with COVID-19, or with symptoms of the disease has been in your property, and you are concerned about transfer of corona virus from surfaces to other people, then we can help. Our sanitisation team and the cleaning product they use will leave the surfaces in your property disinfected, hygienically clean and minimizing the chances of re-infestations.

Pestofree provides Professional sanitization and disinfection services in Mumbai to control the spread of corona virus infection in your residential premises or business premises. Our Commercial pest control service in Mumbai will carry out this task with approved chemicals and machineries so as to provide maximum safety.

Pestofree Pest Control Services specialized in commercial pest control services, residential pest control services and industrial pest control services on onetime, weekly, monthly and yearly contract basis in Mumbai.

Our Coronavirus Antiviral Disinfection Service

In these difficult times, Pestofree can rise to the challenge and we won’t let you down!


    Initially, we carry out a survey of your property – to assess what needs to be done.


    Next, our technicians will prepare the property for the disinfection process.


    We then disinfect the property with a fogging machine, using a bio detergent which is very effective against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

  • WAIT

    The disinfectant agent must be left on the surfaces for 60 minutes to work effectively in order to kill the virus and any bacteria.


    The bio detergent will leave an invisible protection layer. The period of effectiveness depends on how often the surface is used.

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